Socially Awesome Lizard-Man


I’m not talk much, ‘say don’t spray’, as is said.
why everyone so wasteful, all dead are good meat, fingers are tasty and portable.
I learned to laugh from time with soft folk, I am good at laugh, they call me Hue-Hue.


Long time ago there was little scale folk, Snapper his name. He was little but good at bite, good at hide and find, nice little Snapper.

On day where he was no longer to be hatchling, no linger little snapper, hunters father and brother took him out to test, and name.

day was hot and strong, then wind made better, then wind was strong made day worse. wind was angry, sand was hungry, tried to eat little not-snapper. When wind’s growling stopped, not-snapper un-dug self. Wind was gone, Sun was gone… hunter gone… tracks… gone.

Not-snapper was not in good, knew he was alone, had to plan to live. Saw no hunters, were they taken? Best not call for them, or hunters’ hunters might find. Not snapper made silent. Saw no tracks of all, no idea where he was from, where he is to went. Must find own way. Non-sun helped hide-walk. Night was cold, sand was cold, stom-ache pain, neck dry, little time to find night home for one night stand.

Late, he found big cave, not as cold, small water floors, smell of food. Not-snapper was not as not good. Silent, hide-walking he took some floor water, then hinted for food smell. Found big food thing, no meat left, took tooth for stabbing instead. Still smelled food, found eggs, Big eggs. Cracked one with hand tooth and quickly ate. then big thing, not-food one, other one sounded. Not-snapper quick ran to cold outside and made sand eat again.

Later when quiet, Not-snapper un-dug and ran. Found way to soft folk village, big, had shell like beetle. Inside had lots of soft folk. One knew my speak, said he was friend and would help. Tried to make food of not-snapper instead. Dummy didn’t know cant cut my folk, too quick and tough. Didn’t know why was once ‘Snapper’ either. Not-snapper taught him fast, made him kill and food. Big softy was lots of food, other softies were nice, didn’t try to take new food from not-snapper, he ate till full then started packing up over-leavings. Then more softies, dressed in scale charge not-snapper. Too many, and already feed, not worth fight. Not-snapper ran from village.

Lived outside for while, helped travelling soft folk, help and get food and covers from sun. Not snapper learn lot from softies, spoke softie, trade with them, cook them. lerned to act like softie, to laugh, not-snapper was good at laugh. That when softies start calling him Hue-Hue. Lots of softies knew him, would share laugh with him, ‘Hue-Hue thinks boss-softie eat too much’, ‘Hue-Hue good at making you not-food’,‘Hue-Hue says you make good food’, always softies laugh with Hue-Hue.

Learned about red softies too, Liked them, they make lots of food, they arent hungry though, lots left for Hue-Hue.

One day coming back from hunt Hue-Hue found red ones leavings, big leavings, most still good made more food with baited birds. Spent few days, made camping, gathered and collecting much goods. Had meat, bone, tooth, hide, most good, even found big shelled softie. he was like cook after taking off shell. Hue-Hue was worried about food wast, worried about carry without big beasts.

Then Hue-Hue see red one and big softies, they tied and look weak. Not threat, could carry, enough food, Hue-Hue offer to shared. They were picky for stom-ache, big one took shell, Hue-Hue tell him ‘cant eat that, to tough’, he took any ways. Red one start burning things, her called Desert Rose, dangerous and wasteful, but useful. Big one has No Name he said, Hue-Hue know that feel bro. Hue-Hue will find good name and give to big softie.


Dark Side of the Sun Flotner