Uncle Sam

A forever friend of the cockatrice


Uncle-Sam is a bird that looks much like an bald eagle. He comes from a tribe called Merica!.

Uncle-Sam is an elder of his tribe. Who has seen the out side world far from Merica! (cant say it without the exclamation point other wise it is disrespectful) and knows its pitfall. so he is one of the more weathered birds of his tribe. He always wears the colors of his tribe, be it a pin or the colors of his clothing. Red, White and Blue baby.


Over his years abroad he has learned how to hunt in this unforgiving waist land. He uses a bow for the most part and very adapt and hiding in the sky and ambushing his pray. Making sure they never see the first shot coming.

Uncle-Sam has a wife who is at home that is bairn and has always wanted a child. So he has been traveling the world looking for an abandoned or orphaned child he could take back to his wife. All he wants is to see her happy.

The reason i have left my tribe is to retrieve my nephew who has run off with an outsider in search of some treasure that will help the tribes unite under one elder and start something called manifest destiny-what ever that is. I have left the tribe to try and Find him before something kills him. I would also like to know who was preaching this in my nephews ear and why.

Uncle Sam

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