Gulg, The Lost City

When ruled by the sorcerer-queen Lalali-Puy, Gulg was unique among the city-states due to its construction from living materials of the forest instead of stone and brick. While she was an absolute ruler, owning just about everything in the city, Lalali-Puy was loved by her citizens since she is the bringer of rain and wheat. 

To an adventurer who has spent most of his days in the lifeless desert, or in the dusty villages and city-states of Athas, Gulg was a wonder to behold. Rising from the Crescent Forest, the city sits amid lush greenery and tall agafari trees. There is water enough here to keep such a forest healthy indeed, the water seems to invigorate the very air, for it is both hot and humid here. And with the city-state now devoured by the land itself, that's all that's left in the area.

Many of the sorcerer-kings claim (or have claimed in the past) to be gods upon Athas. In Gulg, that assertion was made not by the sorcerer-queen of the city-state but by its residents. If you could ask any Gulgan, and he or she would have told you: Lalali-Puy, Queen of Gulg, was the Oba, the Forest Goddess, the Mother of trees and Beasts, and a dozen more epithets besides. This declaration is no empty platitude mouthed to avert the baleful eye of the Templar. The people of Gulg sincerely believed that their ruler was divine.

Gulg is a city-state no more. Devoured by the earth, it's left a forest teeming with vegetation but there are no animals or people living in the area. There is no noise except the trees in the wind. People have since tried to find lost city, few return and of those that do they are different… When Gulg was a city, it was only in the loosest definition of the term; it consisted of a cluster of forest villages enclosed by a single wall. Most buildings were made of thatch or mud, and roads are little more than trampled earth, worn down by the feet of generations. Gulg was roughly divided into small communities called dagadas, each of which comprised ten to fifty huts. A dagada was enclosed by a mud wall or wooden fence and was built around one or more wells shared by the residents. Lalali-Puy was an absolute monarch in the purest sense: All property in Gulg was hers, and she held the ultimate power of life and death over all citizens.

Gulg, The Lost City

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