Some Say Athas Is A Dead World.

And they'd be wrong. Athas is a rotting world, it's teeming with life- just not the life you'd expect. Life is hard, and that tends to take care of the ones who aren't harder. The ones that don't make, it's not their fault though. This place is do-or-die and a lot of people just don't do here.

We Went From Bad To Worse.

About two years ago now, a set of calamities made our razor's edge ever so sharper. It's all on the count of that capital "F" Fool being freed and the Demon Lords returning.

He's stubborn as always, and when he gets an itch he aims to scratch it- damn the consequences. He's broken the balance of power and set everyone on edge, I was worried with one of them gone, but two? And her city? I guess in the end it served her right. She got hers, and I guess we all get ours in the end. I do see to that.

I really do feel like that the resurgence and "New Dawn" are due almost entirely to poor business practices. Some fools not checking references, and playing with powers untold. Who would have picked up Arthur and kept him on your person? I mean when he's sane he's a pretty decent guy, but the signs are there to not keep him on you for too long. And then BAM Yeenoghu gets a wife, and man is she a slave driver…

Sometimes Though, You Need It To Be Bad To Appreciate The Good.

Truth-be-told, I'm looking forward to seeing how the pepper to my salt is trying to redeem himself after everything he did. If that amount of time can make Arthur become sane, it must mean there's enough time for some thick-headed buffoon to gain perspective, right? I hope so, I see promise in him and the company he's keeping. But maybe that's just the die in me.

Dark Side of the Sun